Faith and Foster Care

Maddy Wellum | Foster Mom | Foster Care Advocate

Follow our journey on faith and foster care.

Time & Tears & Tantrums

Nothing about foster care is comfortable or predictable. People ask a lot of questions we can’t answer. We don’t have a “due date.” We don’t know the age, gender, or background of our future child(ren). We won’t know what makes them tick – what they love and what they fear. We don’t know how longContinue reading “Time & Tears & Tantrums”

A Prayer for Direction

As we shared our decision to foster we got a lot of questions and a lot of “Why’s”… “why foster before you have your own children?” “Why now?” “What’s the plan for…” “How long until…” Oftentimes I found myself unable to answer these questions fully. They are all valid questions. All I can say isContinue reading “A Prayer for Direction”