A Prayer for Direction

As we shared our decision to foster we got a lot of questions and a lot of “Why’s”… “why foster before you have your own children?” “Why now?” “What’s the plan for…” “How long until…”

Oftentimes I found myself unable to answer these questions fully. They are all valid questions. All I can say is that the Lord gave us clarity. We prayed and prayed for clarity. J and I had so many conversations about how to start a family and what that might look like for us. We always knew foster care was going to be part of our story. But the “when” and “how” wasn’t so clear. So we spent a few weeks not praying for a specific answer, but rather just praying for clarity and direction. The Lord gave us just that.

There’s no way to really explain it. There was a peace that passed understanding that came upon both of us. From the Lord. A direction. Clarity. Exactly what we prayed for. And as we embark on this journey of fostering there are so many more questions that come along with that decision.

And too all of those questions I say, “we will pray for clarity and direction as each step.” We are viewing this journey very open handed. Nothing is predictable or concrete. And as two 7s married to each other, I must say that is quite an adventure!

Published by mkwellum

Maddy and her husband, Justin, live in Littleton, CO with their two rescue pups. They began the process to become foster parents in 2020 with the hopes to welcome a child into their home in Spring 2021. Their plan is to be a temporary home for children while their families get on their feet. Maddy enjoys an active and minimalist lifestyle filled with hiking, crafting, caring for plants, and eating good food with good friends.

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