Time & Tears & Tantrums

Nothing about foster care is comfortable or predictable. People ask a lot of questions we can’t answer. We don’t have a “due date.” We don’t know the age, gender, or background of our future child(ren). We won’t know what makes them tick – what they love and what they fear. We don’t know how long they will stay or if they have siblings. We don’t know how our hearts will handle the change or the loss or the unknown.

But we do know the Lord is writing our story as He is writing theirs. We know that foster care is the heart of Jesus. He walked with the sick and the needy. He lived among the vulnerable. He invited others in with open arms without reservation, without question. No one had to prove themselves or clean themselves up. Jesus wasn’t worried about protecting himself. He wasn’t worried about being comfortable or “normal” or pleasing others. He was motivated by love for others and a love for his Heavenly Father. 

Following after Christ is worth being uncomfortable and out of control for. He doesn’t call us to live a life of comfort and control. He calls us to step out in faith. To “take up our cross daily” and follow Him. He calls us to be his hands and feet. To get dirty, be vulnerable, and fight to spend everyday in his presence. 

Some days this is really easy, exciting even. Other days, the Lord gently pries open my clenched fists that try to grasp at anything I can control. It’s a lifelong journey. A tension between trusting in Him and trusting in me. It takes time and tears and tantrums. I like to write the story. I like to see what’s around the corner. Then I am reminded He is good. His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts*. And He is utterly, absolutely worth trusting.

[Luke 9:23; *Isaiah 55:8-9]

Published by mkwellum

Maddy and her husband, Justin, live in Littleton, CO with their two rescue pups. They began the process to become foster parents in 2020 with the hopes to welcome a child into their home in Spring 2021. Their plan is to be a temporary home for children while their families get on their feet. Maddy enjoys an active and minimalist lifestyle filled with hiking, crafting, caring for plants, and eating good food with good friends.

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